Insurance Coverage Disputes

As insureds, property owners and contractors,  pay large premiums to secure insurance geared toward minimizing the risks inherent in construction and development. It is important to ensure that those premium dollars are not wasted. Successful prosecution of an insurance claim can sometimes be dictated by the manner in which a claim is presented. Many times overlapping polices of insurance may provide coverage for an occurrence. Vincent F. Vaccarella P.A. has successfully assisted clients in preparing and presenting claims against Builder’s Risk and General Liability Insurers. The firm has also successfully assisted clients with premium audits, return of premium deposits, and in negotiating coverage and extension of coverage.

Our attorneys are familiar with standard liability policy forms, endorsements, and exclusions, and have litigated coverage disputes in State and Federal court against large multi-national insurers, where millions of dollars of liability were at stake. We have successfully defended actions for declaratory judgment alleging the insured’s breach of the cooperation clause and notice provisions, and prosecuted actions for breach of contract based on the insurer’s failure to comply with the Claims Administration Statute and failure to provide coverage on estoppel grounds. We have also litigated coverage issues pertaining to the “Your Work” exclusion, the KID endorsement, continuing occurrences, and other common and uncommon policy terms. We strive to use this experience to counsel both insureds and insurers on compliance with the terms of their policies and with Florida Insurance Law in a manner that will avoid litigation, and on representing the client’s interests through trial and appeal in any litigation that does arise.

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