Professional Negligence Claims

A construction project’s chances for success are greatly reduced if a design professional does not perform their services in accordance with professional standards. Increased construction costs through additional work and delay and the corresponding impact to project delivery can mean the difference between success and failure. Our firm has aided clients in identifying and resolving the complex issues which arise from a design professional’s failure including both the prosecution and defense of claims of negligence against architects, engineers, and other professionals, failure to comply with applicable building codes, regulations or standards; permitting delay damages claims; and other errors and omissions.

We harness this experience to provide maximum value to our clients, whether it be through selecting the most appropriate expert to consult with respect to the alleged deficiencies, valuing the claim for settlement purposes in accordance with the insurer’s good faith duty to defend, or trial before a judge or jury.

Whether you are a property owner or contractor seeking to file a delay damages or defect claim, or a professional or errors and omissions insurer insuring one requiring a defense of a claim or case filed against you, the professional negligence attorneys at Vincent F. Vaccarella, P.A. can help.

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