Public Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships have been increasing in popularity across the United States. Public-private partnerships (known as P3s or PPPs) are contractual arrangements between governmental agencies and private parties that facilitate private infrastructure investment for public use. Usually the private party  designs, finances, builds, operates, and maintains the project over a long-term period, as opposed to the traditional procurement methods, which are usually limited to design and build. PPPs can be used for projects in any sector (such as building court houses or sanitation facilities), but are most often used in the United States for transportation projects, such as highways. Our firm is on the leading edge of PPP law, having performed a thorough comparative analysis of the ramifications of such laws throughout the Country. We have also negotiated some of the first P3 agreements in South Florida both with Public Entities and the team of consultants necessary to put together and build such a project.

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