Transactional Law

Real Estate

The real estate sector has always played a critical role in South Florida’s economy, and now more so than ever. As the real estate sector has grown, so has the complexity of the legal issues surrounding it. Now, in a changing economy that has created a new set of challenges, experienced and savvy legal representation is more important to Florida’s developers, owners, and investors than ever before. The experienced team at Vincent F. Vaccarella, P.A. focuses on acquisition, construction, development, and leasing issues.

We handle transactions relating to almost all sectors of the real estate business, including: acquisitions and dispositions, development, leasing, management and construction, commercial, industrial, residential, hospitality and mixed-use properties, workouts and foreclosures, reorganization transactions, joint ventures, and real estate litigation.

Corporate Transactions

Whether our clients are forming and structuring a new company, or growing and maintaining an established one, our attorneys have the experience and business acumen to help our clients navigate the dynamic business landscape. At Vincent F. Vaccarella, P.A., we strive to achieve our clients’ goals by focusing on their business objectives.

Our attorneys understand the complex nature of business transactions and are committed to counseling our clients in a way that will help them achieve a better understanding of their ongoing operations, and avoid many of the pitfalls and risks that companies face in the course of doing business. Many times what may appear to be a simple deal can result in unintended consequences that do not benefit the client. At Vincent F. Vaccarella, P.A., our attorneys take the time to listen to each client's needs, learn the various aspects of the industry in which our client is doing business, and identify the driving forces of the transaction to understand the interplay of the various legal issues that can affect the terms of a deal, so that those unintended consequences can be avoided. For our clients, it is like having in-house counsel available to them at a fraction of the cost. We handle:

  • Organization and reorganization of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other business entities
  • Asset sale agreements
  • Share transfer agreements
  • JV agreements
  • PPP Agreements
  • Development agreements
  • General contracting agreements
  • Subcontract agreements


A company’s value stems from much more than its physical and tangible assets. Business value is also built on corporate branding, marketing, art and logos, trade names, and other intangible assets. Protecting your intellectual property rights should be a key component of your overall business strategy. Copyright protects a business owner from the illegal use of the business’ creations by granting the company exclusive rights in its original works of authorship, which includes written materials, music, images, graphics, film, video, webpages, and architectural works.

Under the current law in the United States and most other countries, copyright protection arises upon completion of the creative work. However, these rights are limited, and it is advisable to take additional steps to enhance copyright protection. There are essentially two steps that should be taken: (1) place the correct copyright notice on the work itself; and (2) register the copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Timely registration of a copyrighted work is evidence of the validity of the copyright and the facts stated in the registration certificate. Failure to quickly file a copyright application may limit the remedies available against infringement, such as the recovery of statutory damages and attorney fees. Regardless of the timing of the application, however, registration is a prerequisite to filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement. In addition, the owner of a copyright registration has the right to request U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials to seize imported items that infringe the copyright.

At Vincent F. Vaccarella, P.A., our attorneys have experience in copyrighting various kinds of works, from artistic creations, such as poetry, to source code and software related items. We can help you pursue the most effective strategy to ensure your intellectual property is protected, from inception to defense against infringement.

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